Practice Areas

Property & Real Estate

We offer our services for all aspects of the property and real estate practice, such as title searches and registration, contract preparation and review, property sales and purchases, mortgage financing, lease, land development and conveyance.

Intellectual Property

We offer our services in patent, trademark, and copy right, industrial designs and trade secrets. We assist and advise our clients since the stage of IP creation and at the stage of protection and enforcement of IP, such as IP searches…

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our services cover the criminal and commercial litigation, labour and civil disputes. We assist and represent our clients in all stages of dispute settlement before Indonesian courts or at alternative dispute resolution forums, such as arbitration and mediation.

Infrastructure & Energy

In infrastructure & energy practice, we focus our services in infrastructure projects and public private partnerships. Our lawyers have strong comprehension and knowledge regarding the business and law of toll roads, mining as well as oil and gas.

Banking and Finance

Our services cover the banking and finance practice, both in conventional and sharia. We advise our clients on the complexity of Indonesian banking and financial regulations. We also prepare various type of the required banking and finance transaction documents, such as bilateral and syndicated loan agreements, security sharing agreements, subordination agreements…

Capital Markets

In capital markets practice, we focus on debt and equity market transaction, such as Initial Public Offering (IPO), private placements, rights issue, mutual bonds and Medium Term Notes (MTN) issuances,

Corporate & Commercial

We advise our clients on corporate and commercial matters with respects to, inter alia, incorporations, joint venture, cooperatives, corporate governance/regulatory compliance, shareholders’ agreements, transaction structure/documents, legal due diligence reporting, asset and share sales, mergers and acquisitions, antitrust/competition as well as dissolutions.

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At AZP, both in our corporate and litigation practice, we pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of legal services to our clients in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia. Please contact us to be connected with our team of lawyers who can assist you further on your legal matters.
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