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AZP Legal Consultants is a new generation full-service law firm which offers fast, reliable and accurate legal advisory services and assistances with commercial acumen and human touch. With our extensive legal knowledge and efficient legal research capabilities as well as our vast experience and qualified expertise in handling complex transactions and cases, we aim to assist our clients in achieving their goals in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia.

About The Firm

Our firm was founded for the purpose of assisting our clients by providing them with reliable and effective legal solutions. This is because in business, law is still viewed as a constraint not as a solution. That is why our main strategy in providing legal services to our clients is to have a deeper understanding in laws and regulations, not only by knowing the written texts but also how they are applied in practice. With such understanding, we are able to advise our clients not in just one dimensional way of thinking but also with a comprehensive perspective in finding legal solutions for our clients.

Practice areas

AZP Legal Consultants is committed to provide the highest quality legal advisory services and assistances to our clients regarding Indonesian law with focus on the following areas:

Why Choose Us

Our firm’s expertise and experiences combined with timely and practical solutions are the predominant factors why our clients choose AZP Legal Consultants. We always ensure that our clients are in our best interest.

In today’s global economy with the ever-changing society, we take a holistic approach in understanding our clients’ needs by having in-depth knowledge and understanding of our clients’ industries and business activities.

With our integrated cooperation with other professionals such as financial advisers, appraiser and accountant, made it possible for us to stay ahead and respond to our clients’ needs as well as to come up with comprehensive and cost-efficient legal solution needed by our clients.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of professional lawyers who have worked across practices and industries

Dr. Ary Zulfikar, S.H.,M.H.

Founder Partner

Dendy K. Amudi, S.H., MH.

Senior Partner

Endang Setyowati, S.H., M.H., M.E.

Senior Partner

Sri Nurhayati Ibrahim, S.H., CN.


What our clients say about us

The legal services we have received from AZP over the years have been exemplary. We are very pleased with the high-quality deliverables of work, detail oriented, and responsiveness from AZP. AZP’s expertise and experience in handling finance, securities and corporate issues is an advantage for us in getting the transactions done successfully and on time.
Bank Sahabat Sampoerna

Do you need legal help?

At AZP, both in our corporate and litigation practice, we pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of legal services to our clients in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia. Please contact us to be connected with our team of lawyers who can assist you further on your legal matters.
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